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Eye of the StormEye of the Storm

After the darkest of storms, there will always be light.

Storm chasing is a tempestuous business as Sam Di Matteo is about to find out. Her new boss, the acerbic and obnoxious Jonah, certainly doesn’t make it easy for her. As both battle to escape the ghosts of their past, Sam soon discovers there is a lot more to Jonah than meets the eye. The question is – will either of them find their way out of the dark?

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Why and How: Writing ‘Eye of the Storm’.
Finding The Write Path in The Eye of the Storm.

Sunbeam on Harbour HillSunbeam on Harbour Hill

When life clouds over, all it takes is one person to see your sun through the rain.

Raina’s home has always been a refuge for waifs and strays, but she never counted on the arrival of Pete, her neighbour’s estranged brother-in-law, who sees an opportunity to house-sit for his brother as a way to escape the pressures and discontent of his life in New York. Raina didn’t expect a spanner in the works of her new life-plan. Pete didn’t expect to be intrigued by the pint-sized, hippy-dippy woman from across the road whose desire to prove her independence is almost too painful to watch…

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